I’ve been quite a regular visitor to Singapore since late 2014, though most of the time my visits don’t take more than 12 or 13 hours because I only want to see a show and then fly back home afterwards. Because I usually arrive in Changi rather early and (so far) always depart by the last Jakarta-bound flight, I’ve got time to spare in the city before going to the Esplanade or MBS and a wee bit more after the show while heading back to the airport. After some time, I came to learn that in addition to my favourite wonton noodle and yong tau foo, Singapore was also home to really good local ice cream parlours. And here are some of Singapore’s fantastic ice creams and where to find them! (To make it fair, I list them in alphabetical order. :p)



When I heard they sold vegan ice creams, I could only think of coconut milk. But I was wrong! When I went to the shop, the assistant said they used brown rice(!) milk for the main ingredient. I tried a double cup of “PB & Choc” (peanut butter & chocolate) and “Ms Cocoa Cherry” (chocolate & cherry). I found the chocolate flavour didn’t stand out in both as it was overpowered by either the peanut butter or the sour-y cherry. Not sure if it’s got something to do with the brown rice milk. But I’d like to try their other flavours someday. Staff at their East Coast Road outlet was also very friendly.



Having heard that their Toa Payoh outlet was always very crowded, one day I arranged to have lunch at Alexandra Village and then go (chocolate) shopping at VivoCity so I could stop by Gillman Barracks for an ice cream in between. It was very quiet and there were only 2 other patrons (a couple) when I arrived at Creamier. Unfortunately none of the flavours I’d wanted to try were available so I ended up with a double scoop of “Earl grey lavender” (earl grey tea with hints of lavender, as the name suggests) and “Sea salt gula melaka” (sea salt and palm sugar) served on top of two warm, fluffy waffles.

The Daily Scoop


I visited their School of the Arts outlet one early evening, after eating two servings of ice cream (three, because one was double scoop). Feeling like having something that was very Southeast Asian, I opted for their “Utterly Avocado” and “Chendol” flavours. The Chendol was superb! But I thought the avocado was rather weird, though still fine. The sweetness and slight bitterness just didn’t mix very well like in a good avocado shake. Many other patrons asked for their Mao Shan Wang (durian) flavour. I’m no fan of durian ice cream, but I think I should try theirs someday because it appeared to be one of–if not the–best sellers.



Not really an ice cream, but rather a frozen dessert. Frozen coconut, to be exact. Because froyo is so yesterday. Hah! Just like froyo, you get to choose several toppings to make a cup of “parfait”, as the shop calls it. But you can also have a plain froco without toppings, if you want to. I had a plain one on my first visit to their (so far) only outlet in Plaza Singapura. Would like to have the parfait when I’m back in Singapore again!

Merely Ice Cream


I came here one rainy afternoon, when a thunderstorm was still calming down. Well, sometimes ice creams taste better on a cold day, no? I’d been looking forward to these two flavours and was glad to find that both were available. The green one was “Pandan crumble” (pandan leaves, dessicated coconut), a taste that was very Southeast Asian. The brown one was “Milo fudge cake” (Milo powder, condensed milk, digestive biscuit). Super like! Water was available free of charge to help washing the ice creams down. The shop is opposite the NAFA campus on Bencoolen Street.

Rabbit Owl Depot


The small shop is located just across the street from the National Library and a short walk from Bugis Junction. I just had 3 meals in a row and planned to have another dessert right after this so I ordered only a scoop…with waffles…that came in pair. The ice cream was a refreshing “Snowball” (Thai coconut) and I L-O-V-E the signature snowflake waffles!! Nuff said!

Tom’s Palette

When it comes to crazy flavours, Tom’s Palette is my absolute favourite. I really like it how they experiment with the most unusual ingredients for their ice creams. You can always expect something different every time you visit their their one-and-only outlet at Shaw Tower in Bugis. And you can have up to 2 flavours in a cup at no extra charge. Here are what I’ve got so far:


“Salted egg yolk” and “ROC STAR” (Rice Krispies, Ovaltine ice cream, chocolate, Honey Stars). I don’t fancy salted egg yolk though many people do. But when they said Tom’s salted egg yolk ice cream was killer, I thought I’d give it a try. Well, once was enough. Lol. But I didn’t regret it. The ROC STAR was okay (the crunchies were rather soggy). It compensated my experience with its other half. XD


“Granny’s favourite” (chocolate & malt ice cream, chunks of eggless cookie dough) and “Savoury crunch” (eggless sweet & salted milk cream, potato chips-pretzel-cereal crunchies). My favourites!


“Parmesan cheese & crackers” (parmigiano reggiano, cream crackers coated in white chocolate) and Halloween special “Red Velvet (RIP!)” (chocolate, beetroot, cream cheese). When I ordered the red velvet, the staff said it was beetroot and asked whether I wanted to try first. I said that’s okay. In the end it was salted egg yolk ice cream, part 2, only not as bad as part 1. Ahah! The beetroot flavour stood out, but not convincingly. Yet, I could barely taste the chocolate and the cream cheese. But again, no regrets…at all!



Named after cow’s you-know-what. Lol. They’ve got several outlets throughout the island and I think they’re pretty well-known for their liqueur ice creams. I first visited their Novena outlet, near to the Novena MRT Station, where I had a double cup of “Bailey’s & Bourbon” (Baileys Irish Cream, Bourbon) and “Horlicks balls” (Horlicks powder, Maltesers balls, sea salt). One was bitter, the other had malty sweetness. Together they made a very creamy combi!


On a different occasion I went to their outlet at the MyVillage Mall after stuffing myself with hokkien mee and sambal stingray at Chomp Chomp Food Centre. I had (another) double cup of “Orange choc bitter” (very dak and bitter Belgian chocolate with Triple Sec orange liqueur) and “Wineberries” (with chunks of cranberries soaked in Port wine). The orange choc was too bitter to my liking, but I really, really liked the Wineberries. Curiously, it’s the only Connoisseur ice cream not listed as best-seller on Udder’s website, so I reckon I’ll try the other Connoisseurs when I’m back in Singapore.