Wicked is one of the musicals that got me into musical theatre. Needless to say, I was very excited when, as early as April 2016, it was announced that the production would open in Singapore in late September that year. Yet, I was unable to decide on a date because I would be in Malaysia around that time, and even if I was to go to Singapore again, it would be in late October, more than a week after the musical’s final show. To my relief, some time in August I learned that the Singapore tour was set to run until the third week of November, most likely due to very high demand. So I decided to see it during my three-day visit to Singapore in late October.


There was S$65 difference between the most expensive “Emerald” class and A Reserve. Though Wicked is among my most favourite musicals, I’m no fangirl, so A Reserve was enough. I managed to get a good seat in the stalls with central view of the stage, though right behind the control booth.

Anyway,the show. It was just what I’d expected from Wicked. The set, the props, the costumes, everything. That was indeed an amazing show and I could clearly see why Wicked became one of my favourite musicals. All of the main cast were performing that night. I was so used to listening to Idina Menzel, but Jacqueline Hughes nailed all of her Elphaba parts and did a killer performance of ‘Defying Gravity’!!


Mastercard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
25 October 2016 evening
Elphaba: Jacqueline Hughes
Glinda: Carly Anderson
Fiyero: Bradley Jaden
Madame Morrible: Kim Ismay
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz/Doctor Dillamond: Steven Pinder
Nessarose: Emily Shaw
Boq: Iddon Jones
Chistery: Kyle Anthony