Route: Jakarta (CGK) to Osaka (KIX) vv., with stopover in Denpasar (DPS) on the outbound flight.

Dinner on board GA 418 on the domestic route from Jakarta to Denpasar. Potatoes-and-beef served with carrots and peas. Passion fruit jelly for dessert. Nice.



The Denpasar to Osaka leg (GA 882) took about 6 hours so there were two meals served during the flight: a warm snack and a full meal, in this case a breakfast. I got chicken fajita and orange juice for the (midnight) snack. Interestingly, the fajita–a Tex-Mex cuisine–was of a British brand, prepared in the UAE, and served on an Indonesian carrier! (It’d got Garuda’s logo on the packaging.)  Tasted delicious!

For breakfast, I opted for the Western-style breakfast because the Japanese one didn’t sound appetising and because I wanted to know whether it would be the same or different from the omelette menu I usually had on the Garuda flights to Singapore. Well, turned out it was the exact same menu, along with the warm croissant and my favourite yoghurt-for-cut-fruits. Oh, and extra beans this time!



The GA 889 flight from Osaka to Jakarta took a little over 7 hours. Departure time was precisely during lunch hour, so you could have breakfast (which could be free) at the Osaka hotel and later dinner at home in Jakarta, and that would do. So here’s what I got for lunch at 40,000 feet that afternoon:

The Japanese menu option that consisted of egg & spinach salad; cold soba, complete with its dipping soy sauce and shredded nori seaweed; steamed rice with beef teriyaki & sauteed veggies. It was very, very good! What was even nicer, Garuda also included a pack of okoshi, or candied millet puffs, a Japanese traditional snack from, guess where…Osaka!


A couple of hours later, we were served the afternoon snack, which came in the form of this Meiji vanilla ice cream. I remembered being served Haagen-Dazs on my Garuda flight from Tokyo Narita to Jakarta several years earlier. But really, this Meiji one was also good. It was actually one of my favourite ice creams when I was living in Japan!