Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur by KL 810 on an Oranje-headed Boeing 777-300. We departed at 18.45 Jakarta time, so this could be considered as dinner. Bun with butter, shredded mango salad, mee goreng (fried noodles), ginger almond cake, and a small bottle of mineral water. I was having headache and was feeling queasy after getting caught in Jakarta’s mad traffic jam on my way to the airport, so, thinking that greasy food would make me even queasier, I didn’t touch the fried noodles and I never knew whether the plastic covering was easy to open. The other items were meh, though probably because I was feeling pretty sick. Hopefully those on the onward journey to Amsterdam got better options!

Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta by KL 809 on a Boeing 777-300. (The usual blue, this time.) With queasiness out of the way, I was wondering what kind of meal would be served if we departed at 16.20, a time of day way too late for lunch but much too early for dinner.


Once we reached cruising altitude, the FAs served these paper bag-wrapped vegetable pies. The warm pie was stuffed with, among others, potato, celery, garlic, spring onion, carrot and black pepper.


I found the portion to be somewhat generous and quite fulfilling, though for me it was still a snack. I was still hoping we would get a real meal after the pie, but as the aircraft started its descent to Jakarta, I had to accept that it was all I got on this flight. Hahah!