Shrek: The Musical‘s Jakarta tour (5-22 May) was part of the Broadway production’s 2016 global tour. The announcement that Shrek was coming had been made during The Sound of Music‘s shows back in October 2015, and tickets went on sale in December. Seeing there were no such things as weekdays and weekends’ price, I bought a ticket for 6 May (Friday) evening. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks before the first show that I realised that both 5 and 6 were public holidays. Dang! Should’ve bought the opening night’s!

Despite being heavily promoted, the show tickets didn’t appear to sell well that the organiser made a “Buy 1 get 1” offer for purchase with their partner bank’s credit card. Then a few weeks before the opening it was extended to patrons who’d bought tickets before the offer was made. My ticket was “qualified” for the offer so I could take my mum to the show. 🙂 Anyway, couldn’t blame the Jakartans for lacking interest to watch. You see, the musical would go on to Singapore afterwards. And the most expensive tickets for the Singapore tour was S$ 100 CHEAPER than those for Jakarta. No wonder….

Now, about the show. The props were very complex and “sophisticated”, just like The Sound of Music. They didn’t build a tall tower for the three Fionas to sing ‘I Know It’s Today’, though. As for the cast, whoa, I really loved them. Kyle Timson, although great, didn’t really stand out…in my opinion. But Lindsay Estelle Dunn was super-fantastic! I was also impressed by the casts of Pinocchio and Gingy (the Gingerbread Man) who managed to keep their vocal cords intact after shrieking for nearly 2 hours. Donkey was my favourite. But it was Lord Farquaad who had my heart. Lol.

Shrek: The Musical
Ciputra Artpreneur Theatre, Jakarta
6 May 2016 evening
Shrek: Kyle Timson
Fiona: Lindsay Estelle Dunn
Donkey: Jared Howelton
Lord Farquaad: Tyler Huckstep