Went to see Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games when the Irish dance troupe was in Singapore from 3-6 September 2015. Venue was Grand Theatre, the larger of the two theatres in Marina Bay Sands’s Mastercard Theatres. I bought second class ticket for 5 September matinée. The ticketing system said half of the seats in my row had been booked, but they ended up unoccupied on the day of the show. There were many other empty seats that afternoon.

I like both Riverdance and LOTD almost equally. I like LOTD’s finale slightly better than that of Riverdance’s, though. But in terms of storyline, Riverdance is way much better. Nevertheless, it was a great show with stupendous visual effects. I could feel the intensity when the Lord of the Dance faced off the Dark Lord and the Dark Disciples. And Morrighan did a killer performance!

Maybe due to lack of enthusiasm from the Singapore audience, there was only one encore. OK, perhaps I watched the videos (with Michael Flatley himself in the leading role) too much. Lol!


*I didn’t see any cast list around. Apparently the main cast on the show I saw were not the original lead performers. I could only attempt to match them with the pics in the programme. The leading males were pretty easy to guess, but not the ladies. 😦

Michael Flatley “Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games”
Mastercard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
5 September 2015 matinée
Lord of the Dance: Andras Kren
Dark Lord: Ciaran Plummer
Saoirse: Nikita Cassidy (maybe…)
Morrighan: ?
Erin the Goddess: Rachael O’Connor
Little Spirit: ?
Fiddles: Giada Costenaro Cunningham & Eimear Reilly