As Scandinavian cuisine was virtually impossible to find in Jakarta, I was determined to make the best of my short 3-day visit in Sweden. I first went to Malmö for half a day, where I had Burger King for lunch (>_<). I then went to Stockholm. There were trips to Burger King and McDonald’s as well during the 2.5 days spent there. Still, I was much more fortunate in the capital city when it came to food adventure.


My family was quite a fan of IKEA (Not a die-hard, though.), so a visit to the IKEA store that was once the largest in the world was automatically included in our Stockholm itinerary. And of course we went to try the Swedish meatballs made famous in Southeast Asia by IKEA. I had its signature “köttbullar med gräddsås” with “chokladboll” and home-brand lingonberry & elderflower drinks. Like!


Where: IKEA Stockholm Kungens Kurva

I thought the best way to try as many Swedish foods as possible was to have the renowned smörgåsbord buffet dining. You’d get everything from the herrings to the meatballs in one go. My smörgåsbord experience was rather anticlimatic due to cramps from overeating. 😀 Nevertheless, I enjoyed it very much and would love to have another go someday! Read my blog entry on smörgåsbord here.


Where: The Veranda in the Grand Hotel


Had hotdogs and “rum raisin” and “butterscotch toffee” ice creams for snacks after a 1.5-hour visit to the Vasa Museum. There’s no way you can call them “single scoops” in Jakarta!


Where: Josefin’s ice cream & hotdog, on the right-hand side of the street leading to the entrance of the Vasa Museum behind the Nordiska Museum.


The famous Nobel Ice Cream served with Nobel chocolate medal.


Where: Bistro Nobel in the Nobel Museum

Swedish cakes. Who could resist them?

Where: (Left) A small food court in Djurgården, between the ABBA Museum and Gröna Lund; (Right) A cafe in Arlanda Airport.


Went back home with a luggage full of some of IKEA’s home-brand products and as many Marabou chocolates I could lay my hands on!