I did some research on swedish cuisine ahead of my short holiday in Sweden. As I would have only half a day in Malmö and a total of 2.5 days in Stockholm, I decided that the best way to try as many Swedish foods as possible in one go was to have smörgåsbord buffet dining.

After further research, I found that the smörgåsbord served at The Veranda at the Grand Hotel Stockholm was among the most famous, so I went there for dinner on my second day in Stockholm. The smörgåsbord wasn’t available all day, but only for a couple of hours during lunch time and then from 6pm onwards. The restaurant provided a pamphlet containing information on smörgåsbord including the recommended order of courses. I decided to follow (most of) the instructions and take a small bit of everything.

Round 1 started with the herring dishes. There were seven types of herring and I took one piece of everything which included pickled, curry and beetroot herrings. I usually can’t enjoy foods that require acquired taste, but I found the pickled herring delicious!



Next up were cheese and crispbread. That was the smallest bit of bread I could find. There were two other types of cheese, but I thought I would have them later.



My third trip to the buffet was for the salmon dishes. They included, among others, hot and cold smoked salmon and my favourite cured salmon called “gravlax”.



I began to feel full, so I skipped the salads and egg dishes and went straight for the cold cuts. I struggled with this dish and it was the course that took most time to finish.



The hot dishes on Round 5 were very good and I enjoyed them more than the assorted hams and salami on the previous course. But no matter how slow I ate, it was still difficult to finish them all.



I pride myself in being able to eat any desserts no matter how full I am after a meal. There’s always a “spare space” for sweets. But not this time! I barely had strength to have another round, or even to eat. My stomach was hard and a bit painful. But thinking this experience would never be complete without desserts, I pushed myself to make one last trip to the buffet.



In the end, I didn’t manage to try the other two cheeses. I also skipped the salads, most of the egg dishes, some of the desserts and fresh fruits. I didn’t eat much during lunch but then I had to finish a large ice cream at the Nobel Musem just over an hour before I had the smörgåsbord. Maybe that what made me full so fast.

Part of the dining experience might be agonising, but I had great time trying smörgåsbord for the first time. Would love to have another go someday! 🙂