I was sent on a mission to Hida Takayama in Gifu Prefecture in Central Japan. While there, I had the opportunity to try some local delicacies.

Hoba miso was the first Hida region’s delicacy that I tried. It featured miso (fermented soybeans paste) grilled on top of a hoba (magnolia leaf). The lunch set came with rice, soup, cold soba, tofu, fish and a slice of cut fruit. I had this at a restaurant in Shirakawago.



I had the opportunity to have lunch at a minshuku (family-run Japanese-style B&B). The meal consisted of homemade sasazushi (sushi wrapped in sasa leaves) and kakeudon, hida yogurt and sarubobo cookies. Couldn’t ask for a better lunch! Sarubobo is the mascot of Takayama, by the way.



On one dinner occasion I was indulged with Hida region’s specialties including “tsukemono (pickles) steak” and hida beef kebabs. Yeahh!



When visiting the Takayama City, I got to taste the local ramen, shoyu-based Takayama Ramen.



And on another dinner I had Hida’s best selections in one plate: hida beef galbi with hoba miso. This is life! 😀



Bonus: hida beef-flavoured potato sticks.