I travelled to Hanoi to attend a conference. I stayed three nights at the International Convention Centre on the Le Hong Phong Street, just a few metres away from the Ba Dinh Square where the Ho Chi Minh Mauseloum is located.


The conference organiser took some of the delegates to a buffet restaurant called Maison Sens on the Tran Hung Dao Street near where it branches to Tho Nhuom Street. The restaurant served a wide range of food. They even had an entire section for grilled seafood and meat. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures of it. I tried several dishes but I had my eyes on the fresh spring rolls (or summer rolls), which I took first. My Vietnamese friends in Japan often made summer rolls and I really liked them, so the expectation was high.


And they didn’t fail me! They were so good I kept going back to the rolls station to get more and more of them. I liked the left one (Please tell me what it is!) better than the usual goi cuon (middle and right ones), but I found them to be equally delicious.

Sometimes the staff came to our tables to offer certain food items, such as grilled pineapples on a spit, which were then sliced onto your plates.

Sliced pineapple kebab 😀


Breakfast was served at the hotel. There were toasts and omelettes, but I went straight to the pho station. I had tried pho only once before and didn’t really remember it. The soup here was light and refreshing. Just my kinda breakfast.


Had dinner during a reception at the Melia Hanoi. I was more interested in the desserts, some of which were shaped like sushi while they were actually sweet sticky rice and cut fruits.



Had dinner at another buffet restaurant, this time at the Sen Tay Ho on the West Lake. The place was huge and it had even more food than the Maison Sens. Too bad, again, I didn’t take any pics of the restaurant. 😦 As usual, my main targets were the summer and spring rolls. I gotta say the summer rolls at Maison Sens tasted better. But the variety they had here almost made me cried tears of joy when I first saw them.

They also had a variety of pho. The portion was rather small, but hey, it was a buffet, so you could have another round if you fancied any of them!



Another bowl of pho for breakfast before leaving. This was actually my second bowl. 😀